Description - High Resistance, Hi-Meg, High Voltage, High Frequency Resistance
Range (Ω)
Voltage (V)
voltage-resistor-rh1.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RH1 Series -

High Voltage Hi-Meg Resistance Resistor

High Resistance Hi-Meg Resistor is vacuum sealed in a glass envelope and designed for use in electrometer circuits where a high performance is required like micro current circuit measurement and impulse equipments.

107 ~ 1012 1000
voltage-resistor-ri80.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RI80 Series -

Metal Glaze Tubular Type High Voltage Resistor

RI80 combines proprietary non-inductive resistance system and design to achieve low temperature coefficient, low voltage coefficients, high stability, heavy load characteristics, and high operating voltages.

106 ~ 109 10K ~ 35K
voltage-resistor-ri82.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RI82 Series -

Metal Glaze Planar Type High Voltage Resistor

RI82 resistor provides stable performance for a wide range of resistance values, with voltage ratings up to 30KV. Low temperature coefficients are available for high stability circuit applications.

107 ~ 1011 2K ~ 30K
voltage-ceramic-resistor-rmc.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMCA, RMCB Series -

Voltage Melf Type Metal Ceramic Resistor

Surge ceramic melf are suitable for noise suppressor of engine ignition system with high withstand voltage, and heavy load characteristics. Reliable with non-disconnection failure. Custom types are available.

470 ~ 105 300 ~ 500
voltage-ceramic-resistor-rmcc.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMCC Series -

Voltage Axial Type Metal Ceramic Resistor

Excellent characteristic ceramic resistors against high voltage surge current. Higher reliability for disconnection failure by comparing to wirewound and film type. Suitable for high voltage circuits in X-ray generators.

470 ~ 105 300 ~ 500
High voltage non-inductance ceramic resistors 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMCD Series -

Voltage Tubular Type Metal Ceramic Resistor

High voltage non-inductance ceramic tubular resistors offer higher average power dissipation while retaining the advantages of high surge energy, high voltage withstanding, and non-inductance.

75 ~ 103 15K ~ 75K
voltage-resistor-ry31a.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RY31A Series -

High Frequency Voltage Resistor

High freguency metal oxide resistance comes with the inner and outer surfaces coated with a special film, features higher thermal resistance and larger electric power capacity for the compact volume.

50 ~ 75 3.2K ~ 12.5K
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