Description - Metal Electrode Leadless Face, MELF Resistance
Range (Ω)
surge melf power resistor 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RGM Series -

MELF Power Surge Resistor

Advanced metal glaze power film technology ensures high pulse loading capability and excellent anti-surge performance, power dissipation rating at 70°C up to 3W.

50K ~ 2G 0.5 ~ 10.0 100 ~ 200
precision melf resistor 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RJM Series - MELF Precision Resistor

RJM Series comes with advanced thin film precision technology, low TCR, power dissipation rating up to 5W, excellent overall stability: Class 0.10.

0.1 ~ 22M 0.05 ~ 5.00 5 ~ 50
precision melf resistor 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RFM Series -

MELF High frequency Resistor

Features non-inductance, high frequency, small size, and power dissipation rating at 70°C up to 0.75W. Typical applications in telecommunication equipment and industrial electronics.

25 ~ 200 0.5 ~ 5.0 10 ~ 50
v-MELF-resistor.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RDM Series -

MELF Carbon Film Resistor

Free mounting direction, high solderability. Electrodes strength is higher and current noise is lower than thick film flat chip resistors.

1 ~ 1M 2.00 ~ 5.00 350 ~ 1500
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