Description - Surface Acoustic Wave, SAW Devices Center Frequency (MHz) IL
v-saw-resonator.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:TSR Series -

RF Saw Resonators

TSR Series features low resistance resonator type, Quartz Stability, Small Sizes.

224.5 ~ 1090 1.0 ~ 7.0
v-saw-filters-fm.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:TSF Series -

RF Saw Filters

TSF Series is ideally suited for Remote Control Receivers - Excellent Rejection, narrow band filters.

35.42 ~ 1855.0 1.6 ~ 22.5

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快乐飞艇开奖走势图:SAW Package Dimensions   快乐飞艇开奖走势图:PDF (0KB)
SMD and DIP Type Package Dimensions of SAW Filters, and SAW Resonators.

RF SAW PDF download
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RF SAW Components

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