Description - Type Wattage
v-power-resistor-rmg20.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMG20 Series -

Power TO-220 20 Watt Resistors

Power film TO-220 RMG20 is rated 20 Watts at 25°C case temperature heat sink mounted. TO-220 style power package. Isolated and molded case for protection and easy to mount. Non Inductive Resistors.

v-power-resistor-rmg30.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMG30 Series -

Power TO-220 30 Watt Resistors

TO-220 Power film RMG30 is rated 30 Watts at 25°C case temperature heat sink mounted. Applications for Gate Resistors in Power Supplies, Snubbers, Load and Dumping Resistors in CRT Monitors, Voltage Regulation, UPS, etc.

v-power-resistor-rmg35.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMG35 Series -

Power TO-220 35 Watt Resistors

RMG35 TO-220 Power device with Ultra Precision, 35 Watt at 25°C Case Temperature Heat Sink Mounted. Non Inductive Resistors. Low Thermal Resistance to Heat Sink at Rth < 4.28°C/W.

v-power-resistor-rmg50.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMG50 Series -

Power TO-220 50 Watt Resistors

Power-film RMG50 resistor is rated for 50W power dissipation and utilises all three methods of heat dissipation, including conduction through the heatsink tab, radiation from the resistor surface, and convection through the venturi element.

v-power-resistor-rmg50.jpg 快乐飞艇开奖走势图:RMG100 Series -

Power TO-247 100 Watt Resistors

TO-247 packaged power film resistors are rated for 100W power dissipation and feature a very low inductance, making them ideal for high frequency, high-speed pulse applications, Voltage Regulation, and Switching Power Supplies.

DIP 100W
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